Proposed first meeting of Engine Builders Group


March 16, 2019 11:00 am

    It has been suggested by a number of members, and agreed by Council, that it could be beneficial to establish an Engine Builders Group within the Society. This new group would be formed for informal networking, in particular sharing ideas that would help us plan and execute our engine building activities, for all types of model experimental engines including: locomotives, stationary, internal combustion, Stirling, traction, and so on that members are researching, designing and building.

    It’s also suggested that this group be organised to complement the afternoon meeting known as the Model Running and Gauge 1 group that already focuses on the running and maintaining of models. In a similar way, the new group will be organised to complement and work with all the other established SMEE groups, including: Workshop, Digital, Training and the Stationary Engine group. Members of the new Engine Builders group would be encouraged to bring along and display examples of their work which would form the basis for informal discussion, and could be used as a prelude to organising formal presentations at general meetings and/ or exhibition displays.