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The Journal

The Society ‘house’ magazine, The Journal, contains news of the Society as well as constructional and similar articles, and is the traditional vehicle for disseminating information to the widest audience within SMEE. The Journal is published six times a year.

The content changes from one edition to the next, but The Journal always contains notes of the Council Meetings held since the last edition, photographs of ‘Work on the table’ – components or models that members have brought to General Meetings for other members to view – and letters pages with a wide range of topics covered, and a wide range of members contributing.

Being the official magazine of the Society, The Journal also includes more details of the forthcoming programme of meetings and visits, as well as contact details for the current officers of the Society.

Members are encouraged to write articles and the construction of workshop tools and processes are often described.  These range from tools needed by those new to the hobby to those used in more advanced types of construction.  Articles cover all aspects of model engineering as well as subjects outside of model engineering.

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