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About us

SMEE was formed in 1898 to allow model engineers to exchange experiences and ideas for their mutual benefit.

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The Society has developed a number of courses to help both members and those new to the hobby to learn new skills, work safely and gain confidence with the use of their equipment.

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Why Join us

The most important benefit of joining the Society of Model & Experimental Engineers is that it brings you into contact with people having similar interests.

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Recent activity by the Society and its members

Part of the CNC Router being developed by a team in the Digital Group
Shown at the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace, the Digital Group are currently experimenting with the design of a wire erosion machine.
Ajax 5"Gauge in course of construction by Peter Wardropper.
A replacement boiler for an Ajax 5"Gauge locomotive in course of construction.
Allchin nears completion
A scaled-up Allchin by one of our "distant" members, based in Scotland, nears completion.