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Lathe Tool Grinding

This is a one day course to introduce the off hand grinder and its use for preparing high speed steel lathe tools. Please note that because it is a “hands on” course it is only open to Society members.

grinding-dressingThe off hand grinder is an essential but also potentially hazardous workshop tool so the use of eye protection and other sensible safety precautions are discussed. There are many different types of grinding wheel available through tool suppliers so the various types and grades are introduced with advice on their suitability for the model engineer’s workshop. The procedure for testing and mounting a wheel is also introduced.

In use grinding wheels can become worn, glazed or clogged. These conditions can all be treated by dressing the wheel. The process and the various types of dressing tools are introduced followed by a practical session where all students dress a wheel under the supervision of one of the tutors.

The successful preparation of a lathe tool depends on getting the geometry correct. In particular the clearance angles, which ensure that the cutting edge is correctly presented to the workpiece, and the rake angle which determines the cutting action. Practical advice is given on the choice of these angles.

grinding-toolHaving chosen the desired geometry, actually preparing the tool can represent a challenge. A simple technique is introduced that controls the angles, at least in part, by raising the cutting edge of the tool above the centre line of the grinding wheel by a calculated amount.

Having discussed the process all participants are presented with a high speed tool blank which they then prepare under supervision. This right hand knife tool is to be taken back to the participants home workshop for use on free cutting mild steel. If time allows students will be given the opportunity to prepare a more complicated tool.

Discussion is encouraged throughout the course and it has proved to be not only an informative but also an enjoyable day.

Students must come suitably attired and bring suitable eye protection. Advice on this is given when you book.

This course is popular and has a fixed maximum number of students.