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Engine Builders’ Group


Welcome to the Engine Builders Group’s online presence.

The group has been formed for informal networking and knowledge sharing, in particular, sharing ideas that would help us better plan and execute our engine building activities for all types of model experimental engines including: locomotives, stationary, internal combustion, Stirling, steam, gas turbine, electrical traction and so on that members are researching, designing
and building.

It is being organised to complement the regular afternoon meeting for Gauge 1 and Model Running. Due to the interlinking of members’ interests the  Engine Builders Group will also seek to complement the activities of all the other SMEE specialist interest groups, including: Workshop, Digital, Training and the Stationary Engine Group (which looks after the archive model collection).

Members of the Engine Builders Group are encouraged to bring examples of their work to our meetings at Marshall House and these will form the basis for informal demonstration and discussion. This might also be used as a prelude to organising more formal presentations at general meetings and/or exhibition displays.

The face to face meetings at Marshall House will be organised with an on-line presence to help include distant members in group discussions.

Project Blogs

Members are encouraged to create and post their project build blogs. 

Recommended sources of information

Where members have found particular information they consider of interest to the Group, they are asked to make this known to fellow members by emailing the Group for consideration. Any disagreements over suitability may need to be raised for further discussion at the next meeting before being uploaded to the website by the Group Organiser. Typically, recommendations would include:

  • Articles, video and technical publications
  • Suppliers of plans, kits, materials and specialist tools
  • Outside engine building organisations

Demonstrating and running models

Members are encouraged to demonstrate the safe running of their engines. If this is to be done at Marshall House or any local Society that you may belong to, it is important that members comply with all necessary regulations. Members who have queries about boiler use and testing or wish to have their model boilers tested should contact the SMEE Chief Boiler Tester. An annual one day Boiler Management Course is available and recommended to members. To book, contact the Course Organiser.

Competitions and Awards

Members are encouraged to take part in the annual SMEE competition at the end of the year, as well as the competitions organised at the various model engineering exhibitions and associated model running events.

Exhibition displays

Members are encouraged to support the SMEE presence at the various model engineering exhibitions by displaying their work and engaging with visitors to promote SMEE and encourage membership. These activities need to be coordinated in good time by the SMEE Exhibition Organisers.