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Digital Group online meeting

Our main speaker for this session will be John Fry who will be talking about 3D CAD tools, and why he has chosen the particular tools that he has. John has been doing a lot of work recently on preparing a 3D model of a Wasp radial aero engine and has generated a lot of experience as a result.

I would also like to raise the topic of 3D scanning for discussion by members. Have you tried it? Any experience with the various software packages available? Is it something that you would like to play with, and what kinds of things would you do with it? Please come along with ideas for discussion around this topic.

Of course, there will also be a chance to show off any work in progress – or maybe even a finished project!

Please contact Brian Neale, the Digital Group coordinator, for more information at digital@sm-ee.co.uk

See you there!

Digital Group online meeting

Digital Group online meeting

Please contact digital@sm-ee.co.uk for further information on how to join this meeting.

SMEE at National MEX Doncaster

SMEE will have its usual stand at the National Model Engineering Exhibition in Doncaster and we will also be running the Model Engineer Competition

Society General Meeting

Talk: Building a Regulator Clock

Jake Sutton

The design by John Wilding for an English weight driven Regulator is a proven project for someone wanting to build a regulator that will work reliably and capable of maintaining ten seconds per year.

Jake will give an account of building several clocks to this design along with various refinements that have evolved. He will include a description of making the fully veneered case as well as teaching himself the art of hand engraving in order to complete the dial.

Society General Meeting

Talk: Magnificent Women and their Revolutionary Machines

Henrietta Heald

Henrietta is the author of a number of books related to engineering, which include include William Armstrong: Magician of the North and a National Trust guide to Cragside, Northumberland.

She will talk about her new book, Magnificent Women and their Revolutionary Machines (Unbound, 2019), published to mark the centenary of the Women’s Engineering Society. The society was founded in 1919 by Katharine and Rachel Parsons, wife and daughter of Charles Parsons, inventor of the compound steam turbine. Magnificent Women tells the stories of the Parsons duo and a host of other pioneering female engineers.

The Society played a small role in the publication of the book via a crowdfunding initiative, and we have a copy in the Society Library.

Grinding Course

Lear how to grind and sharpen HSS lathe turning tools.  Hands-on course for Society members only

Spring Visit: The London Cinema Museum

Please note that this visit is postponed due to the coronavirus situation.  It will be rescheduled for the autumn if possible.

Tour is at 11:00; maximum 36 people.  Charge £7.  To reserve places, please contact Norman Billingham. The Museum is in Lambeth, not far from Marshall House. Its building was once a workhouse where Charlie Chaplin lived as a child.  Full details are at www.cinemamuseum.org.uk.

Society General Meeting

Talk: Pictures from Space

Gareth Evans

Since the mid 1980’s it’s been possible to receive weather pictures from Polar orbiting weather satellites. As computer power has improved so has the software and part of the talk will explain how it’s done now using cheap electronics and an aerial to suit. Depending on passing satellites it may be possible to demonstrate a live picture. The second part of the talk will expand on receiving Amateur Radio Digital TV signals from a new geostationary satellite (Gareth’s transmitter system for this was displayed at last year’s competition). Depending on sky visibility from the Marshall House back yard, live pictures may well be possible too.

Marshall House Cleaning Day

Marshall House is in again need of general tidying and cleaning and there are some odd jobs which need to be done. Following the success of last-year’s day, Council is proposing to have a ‘Cleaning Day’ on Saturday 29 February. If you are willing to volunteer to help, please put the date in your diary. We will send out an email nearer the day with more information about what to bring,what jobs need doing etc.