Engine Builders’ Group


November 23, 2019 11:00 - 13:00

    For the first part of the meeting we’ll be discussing the design and making of cylinders, pistons and piston seals for both model steam and IC engines.   Jim Lugsden will be providing an historic perspective and Bob Bramson will be providing a practical insight based on his many years of experience of both full size steam engine practice and how that relates to his hobby of building and running model steam locomotives.   On the IC engine side, we’ll be discussing the challenges and approaches used by experienced model engine builders involved in making both slow running and high performance engines.
    The meeting will also include a brief talk by Gareth Evans explaining the challenges he faced when rebuilding his full size Hartop M type hit and miss engine.  This will be the subject of working demonstration during the afternoon session, which will also include a working demonstration by Bob Bramson of the 1831 IC engine from the SMEE collection.   It’s also anticipated that there might well be some working demonstrations by members running  their own models on air.
    As usual, we’ll be discussing work on the table which it’s anticipated will include contributions  from Bob Bramson, Jerry Burchell, Peter McConnachie, Eric Offen and Stuart Walker.  Work from others, including virtual online contributions, will also be welcome.
    The meeting will welcome all SMEE members who are able to attend in person at Marshall House, as well as distant members wishing to join us online via AnyMeeting
    For those unable to attend the meeting, we will be video recording the proceedings which will be made available on the EBG section of the SMEE members website, along with notes and references.
    Should you need more information or wish to suggest future topics please contact Stuart Walker