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Author: Brian Neale

Latest copy of The Journal (October 2023) now available

The latest copy of The Journal (October 2023) is now available online. You can see a list of all available online copies of The Journal here.

Online back issues of The Journal now go back to 1967.

Events calendar now available

You may have noticed that the Events Calendar has been blank for the second half-year. This is because of problems with the software we have been using to store and display it. We have now changed the software we use and the second half-year has been populated. There are one or two small bugs still to be ironed out but these should not affect the basic functions; please bear with us while these are resolved. However, we felt it better to have a slightly imperfect but functional calendar than none at all – our apologies for the delay in making this available.

Please send any observations or reports of problems to webmaster@sm-ee.co.uk – it is notoriously difficult to spot all the errors in your own work and comments and suggestions are welcome.

SMEE Publications

You can find information on publications available directly from SMEE on the new SMEE Publications page.

Paper copies of June 2022 Journal

To everyone who receives their SMEE Journal by post…

The reason you have not yet received the June issue is due to a problem the printer had with the supply of the special paper used for the cover. This has now been resolved and they have been sent out, so by the time you read this, you may have received it, but if not, at least you now know why not!

Alan Wragg, Membership Secretary.


SMEE Competition rules

The SMEE competition rules have recently been updated and the latest version can be found here.


Stored copies of The Journal now searchable

Thanks to the sterling work of Mike Tilby and Chris Hammerton, we have now completed the process of making stored copies of The Journal searchable. This means that if you download them as PDF files, you can use your PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat Reader for most people although other readers are available!) to search for specific words or phrases.

Chris is also looking at possible ways to add an index to the set of online Journals to make them even more useful. 


SMEE activities and the Covid-19 situation

Subject to any new coronavirus restrictions in 2022, Society General Meetings, Rummage Sales and other meetings will be at Marshall House. Where possible we will also live stream the meeting online via Zoom, allowing members the choice to attend in person or to participate online. For security reasons, Zoom links are not online but will be sent via e-mail.

The Society’s Training Programme for newcomers to the hobby will resume this year, with the Basic Training course starting in February. Details are on the training pages.

The workshops are now open, subject to Covid restrictions. Online meetings of the Digital Group and Engine Builders’ Groups are also continuing as normal.

Training restarts

Following a period of restrictions. the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers (SMEE) is planning to run its popular training courses for newcomers to model engineering, in 2022, starting in February. See our training page for more details.

SMEE web site changes

This web site has now been moved to a new server platform, which we hope will fix a number of  the long-running problems that we have been experiencing. In particular, you should now be able to get notifications for new forum postings, and the password change mechanism should be working again. I am optimistic that the other changes will be invisible to you – it should just work! However, this will give us the opportunity to introduce some new features.

It is possible that a few things have been broken during the transition, so if you see anything odd, or you find something that does not seem to be working, please contact me so that I can investigate.

Many thanks,



Back issues of the Journal (1976 onwards)

Thanks to the good offices of Mike Tilby, the online collection of back issues of The Journal now goes back to 1976, and right up to the latest version hot off the press (April 2021). Many thanks to Mike for his work in scanning back copies which are now easily available to all of us via the web site.

The index to the list of available issues of The Journal is available HERE.