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Author: Brian Neale

SMEE website reliability problems

Some of you might have suffered because of the website problems we have had a couple of times in the last month or so. It seems that it is nothing to do with our site, but the hosting service we use has had some issues that have affected us. They believe that they know where the problems are, and are looking for a suitable solution.

In the meantime, if you go to one of our pages and get a “404 Page not found” error, don’t worry about it, and try again later. I try to keep track of the site but you can always drop me an email just to warn me that something isn’t right. Emails to webmaster@sm-ee.co.uk, please. As soon as I see or hear of a problem, I shall chase the hosting service to fix it as quickly as possible – unfortunately I cannot fix it myself.

Thanks for your understanding,

SMEE Webmaster

A further episode in "Building a Desktop CNC Milling Machine"

A further episode (part 23) of this series on a home-built CNC-milling-machine-from-scratch has now been added. Take a look and see how the project is progressing.

The Journal

As of today, the collection of back issues of The Journal goes back to 1994, and right up to the latest version hot off the press (June 2019). Many thanks to Mike Tilby for his work in scanning back copies which are now easily available to all of us via the web site.

3D CAD and Fusion 360 tutorial series

The 3D CAD and Fusion 360 tutorial series has now started running online. The first session was held on 4th March with more to come and was presented via a live video-conferencing link to around 15 participants.

All sessions are being recorded and are available to all SMEE members. If any member is interested in taking a look or even joining in, the recordings are available via the Digital Group programme page. Just click on the date of the session in the programme grid to run the recording. There is also a support forum on the SMEE website where participants can post questions or discuss techniques. They can even find their homework there!

If you would like to know more about these tutorials, please contact the Digital Group Coordinator via digital@sm-ee.co.uk. If you were unable to see the initial sessions live but have been watching the recordings, you are also welcome to join the forum to ask questions and see all the discussions to date. Again, contact the DG Coordinator to get access to the forum.

Library List updated

Please note that the Library List is now updated to January 2019. There is a pointer to the latest list on this page. Note that the Library List is on several spreadsheet pages; the first page lists new additions to the Library.

Please contact the Librarian if you have any questions about the library and access to its collections. 

New SMEE Members' Forum capability added.

We are currently experimenting with a new “forum” capability on the SMEE website. This will only be available to SMEE members, and is intended to allow discussion, questions and answers, and general debate. At the moment, during the trial period, only a few members are allowed to post entries so that we can look at how it all works in practice before we roll it out to everyone. We are actually using it to provide a “support” mechanism for the Digital Group 3D CAD tutorial sessions. The forums are accessible via the “Members” menu for the convenience of the test user group but please do not be surprised if you try it out but are not allowed access! 

Important information for travel to Marshall House by car

Please note that the London Ultra Low Emission Zone changes that happen in April 2019 might affect your journey to Marshall House by car. These changes directly affect Central London (Marshall House is outside this area) but if your journey passes through this area, you might need to check on the TfL website

There are further changes happening in October 2021 which will bring Marshall House into the Ultra Low Emission Zone and so will directly affect everyone travelling to MH by car. Again, details are available from the TfL website.

The online library of SMEE Journals.

The online library for members has now been extended to include all Journals back to the beginning of 1996.  All these Journals with articles covering many model engineering topics are available to read on line or download by members. 

The library can be found by clicking this link.