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About us

SMEE was formed in 1898 to allow model engineers to exchange experiences and ideas for their mutual benefit.

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The Society has developed a number of courses to help both members and those new to the hobby to learn new skills, work safely and gain confidence with the use of their equipment.

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Why Join us

The most important benefit of joining the Society of Model & Experimental Engineers is that it brings you into contact with people having similar interests.

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Recent items from our members’ benches.

Shown at the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace, the Digital Group are currently experimenting with the design of a wire erosion machine.
Christmas tree decorations and experiments in wood finishing.
Some Christmas tree decorations  demonstrating different materials and finishes.
Piccolo 3-axis Arduino- controlled drawing device
Piccolo is a small 3-axis device controlled by an Arduino board.
In its basic form it can be used as a remote drawing device but its construction and programming provide an introduction to some of the basic principles of CNC as well as being fun. The group which has been working with this have built up some useful hints and tips for would-be constructors.
The crankshaft and cam for a twin cylinder, high-speed steam engine turned from 1" bar.
Ajax 5"Gauge in course of construction by Peter Wardropper.
A replacement boiler for an Ajax 5"Gauge locomotive in course of construction.
A PIC controlled tachometer to attach to a machine
A tachometer for fitting to a workshop lathe or milling machine. This is an example from a group a similar devices, each using a programmable integrated circuit, which were  designed, built and programmed by members of the society.
Allchin nears completion
A scaled-up Allchin by one of our "distant" members, based in Scotland, nears completion.