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The Future

The Society aims to continue to meet the needs of all model engineers whether their interests are making models of machinery including locomotives, traction engines and stationary engines or whose interest is making clocks and tools.

The experimental side of model engineering has always been a significant part of the Society and is growing.  For many years this has included electronics, for example the paper by W. B. Hall in 1993.  This area now includes the application of digital readouts, CAD, CNC control of mills, routers or lathes, 3D printing, spark erosion,  robotics, and the use of external services such as arranging laser cut locomotive frames.  These shared interest are specifically catered for by the Digital Group in which any member may participate.  Meetings are structured but less formal than those in the regular schedule of the Society and often carried out over the internet using conference software leased by the Society.  This makes it easy for distant members, as well as those within reach of Marshall House, to participate. 

If you would like to join in with these activities just tick the appropriate box on your application so that you are circulated with the relevant e-mails.  You can always change your mind to opt in or out at any stage by amending your membership record via the member’s only pages on this website.