We rely on members of the Society to contribute photographs for this section of the website. If you have taken some nice photos at a model engineering event please consider letting us have them.

Guidance for contributors

It is probably best to restrict your contribution to between one and ten images, pick a nice variety of your best pictures. They do not have to be high resolution, indeed if you have not already done so we will reduce the image size to around 600 pixels wide. This is because computer screens are, by photographic standards, relatively low resolution and to keep page load times reasonable.

Most cameras store images as JPG files which is what we use. If your camera differs then please consult us as we will have to convert the format. You can send photographs on CD or by email but in the latter case it is probably best to restrict the total size of attachments to less than 5 MB. If neccessary send them in batches. If you want to send them another way then get in touch.

Please give us a brief description for each image that we can use as a caption. These will be separate from the image files so please make sure we can tell which caption goes with which image. Many of the existing gallery entries have no captions - if you can provide them we would be most grateful.

If you have any queries or would like to contribute please contact the webmaster.